Admission & equivalence commissions


Admission & equivalence commissions

**The first sessions were held remotely.

registration fee: 35€

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Students who have undertaken higher artistic studies in other institutions can join the Esap through the admission and equivalence committees.

Admission to the 2nd cycle: Admissions Commission
4th year (semester 7)
Open to candidates holding the National Diploma of Art, the National Diploma of Plastic Arts or the National Diploma of Arts and Techniques obtained in France.

When the conditions of the above paragraph are not met, the candidate for admission to semester 7 must justify the validation of 180 European credits:

  • 1 - obtained in France within the framework of higher education:
    in a public higher education institution;
    in a private higher education establishment, on the condition that this establishment has been recognised by the French State or that the course of study followed by the candidate in the said establishment is sanctioned by a title registered in the national register of professional qualifications at the same level.
  • 2 - obtained in another member state of the European Union or in another state party to the agreement on the European Economic Area within the framework of studies followed in a higher education establishment applying the rules of the European Higher Education Area. For diplomas obtained outside the European Union or a State party to the agreement on the European Economic Area, these will be checked for comparability with French and Monegasque diplomas.

The Admissions Committee comprises: at least three professors from the cycle and option concerned appointed by the Director. One of the professors holds a doctorate degree. The Chairman of the Commission is appointed by the Director of the establishment from among its members.

**Admission during the course of the course: Equivalence Commission

  • first cycle, second year (semester 3) *
    ESAP does not receive candidates during the course of the course for semester 9 (5th year) and only exceptionally receives candidates in semester 5 (3rd year). Indeed, due to its specialisation in art and scenography, integration in the graduating year does not offer the necessary adaptation time for new students.

Open to candidates who can justify 60 and 120 European credits respectively obtained under the same conditions as the admission committee.

The equivalence committee is composed of: the director of the school or his representative, president of the jury, and at least three professors appointed by the director.

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