Entrance exam


Entrance exam

**The first session took place remotely.

registration fee: 35€
-NB : inscriptions outside the Parcoursup

Registration conditions :

  • be under 24 years of age on the date of the contest;
  • hold the baccalaureate (students in their final year of secondary school are admitted subject to graduation);
  • be a student who has started or completed university studies in France or abroad.

Organisation of the entrance exam :

Four tests:

  • one written test (coef. 2) 
  • a test of plastic expression (coef. 2) 
  • an English test (coef. 1) 
  • a 20-minute interview with a jury of three teachers (coef. 3)

*A score of less than 6/20 in any of the tests is eliminatory.

Derogations for non-baccalaureate holders and persons over the age limit:
Exceptional derogations may be granted to candidates who can prove a professional career or studies in line with artistic studies (the level of general culture must be equivalent to that of the baccalaureate). A request for exemption must be sent to the school before registration for the competition (1st session only). It is examined by an admissibility committee, which includes the director or his representative and at least two teachers.

Pieces to be attached to the registration form:

  • 1 - photocopy of an identity document or residence card for foreign students (valid)
  • 2 - copies of diplomas or qualifications accepted as equivalent
  • 3 - three passport photos (name and surname written on the back)
  • 4 - covering letter
  • 5 - registration fees (35 € ), cheque made out to the order of Mr. le Receveur Municipal

Derogations / admissibility committee: additional documents for requests for derogations (non-baccalaureate holders and persons over the age limit)

  • 6 - an artistic file 
  • 7 - a written request for exemption 
  • 8 - a curriculum vitae
  • 9 - supporting documents for previous professional activities 
  • 10 - a detailed justification of the lessons followed

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