Teams & authorities


Teaching staff

Thierry Leviez, pedagogy supervisor
Sandrine Perrin, coordination of the studies

Higher education teaching

Laurent P. Berger, designer and scenographer - specializing in object and space design
Ondine Bréaud-Holland, Doctor of Arts and Sciences - specialization in aesthetics, philosophy,
Dominique Drillot, scenographer - specialization in scenography, scenology, space and light
Renaud Layrac, artist - specializing in scenography, exhibitions, and project drawing
Damien MacDonald, author - specialization in English language education, art, drama and set design
Maxime Matray, filmmaker and graphic designer - specialising in visual communication, graphic design
Frédéric Pohl, artist - specialising in drawing, painting and representation techniques.
Mathilde Roman, Doctor of Arts, art critic - specialization in contemporary art history and exhibitions
Agnès Roux, artist - specialising in video, techniques and devices
Mathieu Schmitt, artist - specialisation volume 2d / 3d, model constructions
Damien Sorrentino, artist - specialization in acoustics, installations and devices

Specialised assistants in art education

Laure Caussé-Fissore, illustrator - drawing / painting
Jeffrey Haines, artist - volume / ceramics
Michaël Lorenzi, engineering - multimedia / 2D, 3D
Florent Mattei, artist - multimedia / photography
Sophie Gohaut-Sédiri, bookbinder - object / publishing, manufacturing
Micha Vanony, composer - multimedia / video / acoustic

Administration board and technical staff

Thierry Leviez, Director
Béatrice Augier, Assistant to the Director, Administration + Public Relations, Communication
Sandrine Perrin, coordination of partner projects and internships + international relations
Stephanie Gandolfo, Senior Attaché + internship and travel logistics
Christelle Dubois and Sophie Graff, secretary of the school, welcome
Valérie Virgile, Specialized Librarian
Jean-Sylvain Marchessou, technician
Gaël Rosticher, technician
Ewan McNab, factotum.
Sylviane Bermond and Hasna Rouisse**, technical staff


The Administrative Commission
The Administrative Commission meets at least once a year and accompanies the Director in her duty. The commission conducts a general review of the school’s administrative processes and ensures its proper functioning.

Chairman: Georges Marsan, Mayor of Monaco
Francoise Gamerdinger, Director of Cultural Affairs
Isabelle Bonnal, Director of National Education, Youth and Sports
Jean-Marc Deoriti-Castellini, Deputy Mayor, ESAP delegate
Daniel Boeri, National Councillor, Chairman of the Culture and Heritage Commission
Michèle Dittlot, National Councillor, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Heritage
Martine Ackermann, President of the Parents’ Association of Monaco
Jean-Paul Ponthot, former director of the École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence
Carole Talon-Hugon, Professor of Philosophy at the University Paris-Est Créteil

The art and science advisory board
Its mission is to approve the establishment project and the pedagogical model presented each year by the Director of the École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Monaco. It ensures the quality and improvement of the pedagogical proposals. It is also the guarantor of the link between training and research.

Francoise Gamerdinger, Director of Cultural Affairs
The Deputy Director in charge of Plastic Arts at the General Directorate of Artistic Creation, French Ministry of Culture and Communication or his representative.
Jean-Pierre Greff, art and design historian, director of the Geneva School of Art and Design
Jean-Christophe Maillot, choreographer, director of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo
President : Macha Makeïeff, set designer, director, director of the Théâtre national de La Criée, Marseille
Chiara Parisi, Director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz
Yves Robert, delegate director of the Lyon Biennale
Yann Toma, professor at the University Paris 1 Panthéon, Sorbonne, researcher at CERAP, artist entrepreneur
Ulla Von Brandenburg, artist

The school advisory board
The Visual Art School of Monaco’s director and coordinators meet every month to examine the school’s teaching projects and their organization.