The pedagogy set up at the École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Monaco (Esap) has the specificity of transmitting to its students a polyvalent training in art and scenography.

The teaching focuses on questioning mutual influences, mirror effects and permutations between the fine arts, the stage and the exhibition space.

If the mobile territory of scenography is our playground, art nevertheless remains the general framework of the pedagogical project, the Esap asserting itself as a school engaged in a contemporary creation made of a plurality of mediums.

Thanks to perennial collaborations, experiments, experiments and research are regularly embodied in concrete situations. Students are therefore confronted very early in their studies with a requirement for professionalization, and the structure of the teaching provided at Esap gradually responds to the opportunities offered by the cultural and economic, national and international context.

An innovative project, supported by prestigious partnerships, enables Esap to develop its ambitions on a large scale, through training that is directly in line with current practices.