ESAP is engaged in a publishing policy, the publications are called « Les éditions du Pavillon Bosio ».

The Pavillon magazine, an annual publication, continues the reflections and research undertaken during the symposiums that the school organises. The Journal collects the reports of the symposium. Addenda (pedagogical reports, extracts from dissertations, extracts from lectures) are regularly added to the contents.

The school also publishes the catalogues of its graduates (DNSEP/MASTER). Occasionally, it also publishes a booklet containing the results of research carried out in the framework of the Research and Creation Workshops and partner projects.

Annually the school publishes the “Student’s Book”, this booklet records all the educational programs and events of the academic year.

In the framework of the ECART network, editions are published in turn by the partner schools at the end of the programme. They accompany the exhibitions that bring the projects to a close.

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Student's Book

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