Mobility, Exchanges and Internships

Field trips:

  • Every year, field trips through Europe are organized on the occasion of events highlighting current art practices. are organized in relation to events around current art practices. One or more teachers accompany the students during these trips.
    These breaks contribute to the students’ visual experience, and to the discovery of new spots. They illustrate the teaching. Giving form to what they have learnt at school.

Internships, exchanges :

  • During the 1st cycle, the completion of an internship at the end of semester 3, during semester 4 or during semester 5 is compulsory. Internships are carried out with the school’s partner cultural organisations. The school provides students with a list of structures to which they can apply.
    From the 3rd year onwards, applications for mobility are subject to the constitution of a file including portfolio and CV, which must be validated by the School Council.
    In the 4th year, students have the choice between an internship with a cultural structure and a study stay in a partner art school during semester 8.

Welcoming foreign students :

  • The school also welcomes, for study stays, foreign students from partner art schools.
    These students are integrated into the normal curriculum. As the courses are given in French, a good knowledge of the language is recommended.

ARC and mobility :

  • During the various Research and Creation Workshops offered by the school, students are regularly brought to move around in the framework of workshops upon registration.

Cultural trips, the Festival d’Avignon :

  • Every year, trips are organized throughout Europe for artistic highlights, notably biennials. 3rd year students travel accompanied by one or more teachers. These escapes contribute to the visual and cultural experience. They illustrate the lessons.
    In July, 4th year students travel to the Festival d’Avignon. Five days are devoted to attending performances and meeting the artists. This theatrical immersion marks the entry into the 2nd cycle.