A studio pedagogy

The École supérieure d’arts plastiques is engaged in a studio pedagogy at the confluence of joint projects, made up of highlights spread over two to five days. These sessions create on a short term basis the conditions for creative vitality, and aim to lead to an autonomous or conceptual object.
This pedagogy favours moments of intense work and allows immersion in a practice and to explore all its aspects with precision. It also encourages the crossing of knowledge and mediums, the different teachings are thus built in the exchange and sharing of technical, critical and theoretical skills.
Thus, the teaching periods are varied, consisting of studios, seminars, workshops, meetings with theorists and personalities from the art world, research and creation workshops (ARC), and collective projects carried out in conjunction with the school’s major partners. The students also take part in an annual scenography/scenology symposium, built in dialogue with the lines of research anchored in the school’s project. Cultural trips and internships are also linked to pedagogy.


During the workshops, the school invites an artist chosen on the relevance of his or her work to the pedagogical project. The latter proposes to the students to work on a particular theme. The workshops generally last one week and are held throughout the year. They are introduced by a meeting with the artist and a presentation of his or her practice, and they participate in a general reflection on the current state of art.

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The studios are dedicated to practical and technical learning, they cover all the artistic disciplines taught at school: drawing, colour, scenography(s), light, graphics, photography, video, sound (acoustics), object design, space design, digital arts, ceramics, construction/model, volume, engraving.

Rooted in a contemporary culture with protean practices, the plastic and visual research is based on experimentation and is supported by theoretical teaching open to fields as varied as art, philosophy, architecture, opera, theatre, dance and the 7th art.

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ARC (Atelier de Recherche et de Création: Research and Création Workshop)

The ARCs bring together students and professors from different art schools and partner universities, as well as professionals, in workshops organised around common themes. These meetings combine theoretical, critical and technical teaching.

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Scenography/Scenology Colloquiums
Within the framework of the research activities of the Bosio Pavilion, the annual colloquium occupies a privileged place. It brings together all the students and the teaching team around conferences and debates where important personalities of the contemporary scene, artists, scenographers and researchers are invited. It establishes ESAP as a place for research and theoretical investigations.

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