Post-Graduation Course

Set up in 2009, the ESAP post-diploma aims to invent a framework conducive to the emergence of research in art and scenography, both from a practical and theoretical point of view. It is open to various fields of investigation such as theatre, dance, exhibition, installation and performance.

Within this framework, the school offers the possibility of benefiting from the relationships it maintains with its major partners, as well as from professional internship agreements. In this way, it encourages the connection of young artists enrolled in postgraduate studies with its national and international networks, and in this way is part of its mission to support the professional integration of graduates.

The pedagogy of the programme is based on the dialogue of knowledge and skills, through projects outside the walls or on the premises, through participation in the school’s educational activities (colloquia, seminars, conferences), through individual or collective meetings with teachers, meetings with personalities from the world of art or the stage, and through travel.

Students have access to the school’s facilities (spaces, IT resources, production tools, etc.), but they can also benefit from a workshop made available by the Department of Cultural Affairs of Monaco (these workshops are allocated after examination of an application form).

In addition, two students receive an annual research grant from The Monaco Project for the Arts (MPA).

  • Applying: For the year 2019 / 2020, the post-graduate diploma in art and scenography at the Pavillon Bosio is intended only for young artists from ESAP who hold a DNSEP.

  • Candidates who are successful in the post-graduate programme must produce a theoretical production at the end of the academic year in the form of a publication in the pages of the Pavillon magazine and/or plastic arts, in the form of a performance or an exhibition hosted in one of ESAP’s partner venues.

  • The candidate must submit a proposal for plastic and theoretical research around one of the contemporary fields of performance and performing arts scenography or exhibition scenography.
    His or her file must contain a portfolio, a letter of intent, a cv and a description of the project.

  • The registration fee for the post-graduate degree is 400 € (this fee is subject to change).

The deadline for submitting applications is 1 September 2019.

For more information and to send your application, please contact Ms Sandrine Perrin at this address: