Conférence : Sarah Pierce

Conférence : Sarah Pierce


The Rise Up

Sarah Pierce highlights the shifts that occur between curating and the curatorial. In doing so, her aim is to focus on this intangible moment called ‘the beginning’: the point at which the curatorial sets off. Unlike curating, which structures itself by setting up or obeying real or imaginary limits (funding deadlines, openings, closings, etc.), the curatorial is, on the contrary, a simple operator that allows us to blur all these (dead)lines and limits thus challenging and (some times) attenuating their constraining.

Cette conférence est donnée dans le cadre du séminaire commun entre l’ESAP et l’ENSA-Villa Arson, autour des pratiques curatoriales. Intitulé Curating & Recherche, ce séminaire est animé par Mathilde Roman, professeur à l’ESAP et Nick Aikens, commissaire-chercheur au Musée Van Abbe d’Eindhoven.

Photo: Courtesy Studentski Kulturni Centar, Beograd c. 1972

Conférence : Sarah Pierce