À cour et à jardin

À cour et à jardin

10 years of collaboration between an art school and a dance company

This book tells a story: ten years of complicity between the Ballets de Monte-Carlo and ESAP.

It was on the initiative of Jean-Christophe Maillot, choreographer and director of the BMC that this partnership was set up and, based on a wish expressed by Mr Michel Enrici, director of ESAP from September 2001 to September 2005, this book is dedicated to him.

Since 2008, the two entities have been collaborating through joint creations that combine dance and scenography. Different forms take shape on stage, based on the research carried out upstream by the student scenographers and dancer-choreographers.

Danced pieces, but also more experimental proposals, are presented to the public in the company’s studio workshops. Projects dedicated to painting and sets also represent times of collaboration, notably in the context of the celebration of the Centenaire des Ballets Russes (Centenary of the Ballets Russes), but also on the occasion of the dance festival for which students have created painted posters that have been used to cover the city’s advertising billboards.
Also, a number of annual symposiums organised by ESAP were an integral part of the Monaco Dance Forum’s programme.

It is through interviews, testimonies, introductory texts, photographs, drawings and various documents that the edition À cour et à jardin gives an account of the abundance of exchanges, their durability and their vitality.

Published by Pavillon Bosio, December 2019.

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