1st cycle

1st year

Foundation year for long degree course.

The first year focuses on artistic practice and, in particular, drawing skills. The aim is to master the tools and vocabulary of art.
Alongside a practical approach, project methodology is stressed as a fundamental skill for art practice. General knowledge, theory and history of arts are the necessary requirements to enhance research in art and to get involved in a personal project.

The knowledge acquired throughout the learning process is made visible during biannual assessments where the students are asked to show their work. The evaluation of the student’s project depends on the quality of the design and the relevance and originality of the proceeding itself. Their work is also put into the contemporary art context. At the end of the academic year, an annual report is to be handed in, synthesising their acquired knowledge and showing the beginning of an artistic project.

This first year introduces to artistic commitment, raises questions and develops critical analysis.

The first year course cannot be repeated.

Coordinator: Frederic Pohl

2nd year

Second year of long degree course.

The student deepens his fundamental knowledge in order to refine his personal practice by expressing it through answers to different learning processes and in an individual creative modus operandi.

Generally, the studios focus on issues related to space, as set designing takes more importance in the course. The students are occasionally asked to experiment their demonstration devices in a public space, thanks to the collaboration of the music festival Printemps des Arts.

Methodology, art history, aesthetics and English classes follow a seminar format. Analysing skills and communication tools’ proficiency (spoken and written) reinforce the students’ projects.

Practical and technical studios, personal work, workshops and internships in collaboration with the school’s partners contribute to skill expertise, and develop critical analysis. The ARC is accessible through registration (see third year course program).

All the projects are built through dialog with the teachers. The student seizes the tools suited for his work and, if need be, invents new ones.
Finally, this year leads the student to examine the artist’s role in contemporary society.

Coordinator : Laurent P. berger

3rd Year

Long course completion leading to Visual Arts Bachelor degree (DNAP) Art and Stage design major.

The third year focuses on stage and exhibition design. These disciplines nourish and follow the student’s personal project in the aim of his graduation examination.
The fifth semester digs into theoretical and practical skill acquiring, thus refining his erudition in art and stage design. The topics given by the teachers contribute to understanding and representing stage and exhibition space. An immersive internship in a cultural or artistic institution is accomplished during that period.

The sixth semester leads to the students exhibiting their personal work in Monaco’s Quai Antoine Ier gallery. They they test the dimensions of an exhibition as a medium and confront their propositions to a public.
The degree examination validates the pedagogical course of the past three years’ pedagogical. On this occasion, the student testifies of his progression and propounds the basis of a personal visual expression related to scenographic issues.

Coordinator : Damien Sorrentino

The Bachelor of Arts

Tests for the Bachelor of Arts are public. They take place before a jury renewed each year and made up as follows:

  • a president, selected by the director of the Cultural Affairs of Monaco ;
  • a vice-president, selected by Pavillon Bosio’s director ;
  • a professor of the school or a research coordination director, selected by Pavillon Bosio’s director. 

The jury of the Bachelor of Arts may not quorate unless all members are present.

To sit the Bachelor of Arts, the student shows his art works in the framework of a small exhibition to the jury. Together with his research material, sketchbooks, preparatory drawings, thoughts, it tells the main lines of the last three academic years.

The student shows his work while trying to place himself in relation to other artists with specific references.

 The student must submit an essay about his work to the jury, one month before the viva voce examination of his diploma.


The Bachelor degree is granted by Pavillon Bosio, the Visual Arts School of Monaco.

30 minutes per applicant.