2nd cycle

Fourth Year

Project Development

Fourth year starts in July with the fieldtrip to the Avignon Theatre Festival and auspicates the Project Development Phase. The year is dedicated to defining and developing a research domain in stage design. It aims to train future set designing authors committed to contemporary creation.

The teaching process articulates in common projects, workshops and ARC (in the partnership network), in order to encompass all issues related to space, leading to an artistic production.

Semester 8 is committed to an internship in a cultural institution or an exchange in a partner school. This fruitful experience is to be recorded and analysed in a report and a public presentation. Its format is free and can be the beginning of a theoretical and visual research. This semester is also devoted to writing the end of course thesis. Besides, the student will develop a critical reflection about staging practices by relating them to his own creative modus operandi.

Coordinator : Dominique Drillot

Fifth Year

Project development outcome leading to Visual Expression Master Degree Art and Stage Design Major.

The fifth year aims to acquire artistic and intellectual autonomy. The students take position in the fields of performing arts and exhibition (as a medium) design. Partnership projects and individual research blend in order to build their artistic personalities.

Art and scenography gather in one entity, expressing themselves in a graduation project, showing the bound reflection of a genuine stage designer, backed by their thesis.

Coordinator :  Renaud Layrac

Master of Arts Degree

For the diploma and in addition to a written theoretical proposition, applicants hang their works, presenting and explaining their process of research.
The work has to be put in its artistic context with precise references.
The MAD jury, nominated by the School’s headmaster, is composed of five members, including a doctor, a selected teacher representing the School and four qualified external figures.

The examination of the degree is composed of two tests: a twenty minute viva voce of the thesis and a forty minutes presentation of their artistic work.

1/ Viva voce (20’)

The jury is composed of two members and chaired by a doctor.
The viva takes place at the beginning of semester 10.
A written report is drawn up by the jury and sent to the other members.

2/ Hanging (40’)

The whole jury examines the presentation of the artwork at the end of semester 10.
After the test, the jury retires to consider its verdict about the attribution of the MAD, referring to the viva report.
Twenty five credits are delivered for the hanging and presentation of visual work, and five credits for the viva.

The Master degree is delivered by Pavillon Bosio.