A studio pedagogy

Pavillon Bosio is akin to a teaching studio approach at the confluence of joint projects, which creates on a short term, the conditions of a creative vitality, aiming to achieve a visual or conceptual autonomous object.

The School fosters moments of intense work for which the student’s concentration is particularly solicited. It allows the immersion into a practice, exploring specifically all of its aspects.

It also allows the crossing of knowledge with medium. The exchange and share of technical, critical and theoretical expertise consequently elaborate the different teachings. This porosity leads to the emerging of innovative projects continuously ensured and strengthened by the teaching staff.

Therefore the education periods are varied. They are composed of studios, seminars, workshops, meetings with theoreticians and figures from the field of art. In addition, these periods comprise Research and Creation Workshops (ARC) and common projects led in relationship with the school’s great partners. The students participate, on another hand, in an annual colloquium built in dialog with the main research lines rooted in the school’s project. The cultural fieldtrips and internships are also part of the pedagogy.